About Russell & Jennifer Stark

Buteyko Method Practitioners

Russell and son Robert Stark attended a Buteyko course for asthma in 1993. The improvement in their condition was so amazing that Russell and Jennifer decided to train with Russian Buteyko teacher, Alexander Stalmatski. In 2000 they hosted the first international Buteyko conference and then attended advanced training with Dr. Konstantin Buteyko, Ludmilla Buteyko and Andrey Novozhilov.

The Starks were the first people to teach the Buteyko method in New Zealand and were instrumental in its development throughout several other countries by training more than a hundred new practitioners who teach the Buteyko techniques around the world.

They have taught over 8000 people with breathing problems such as asthma, allergies, anxiety, blocked nose, insomnia, snoring, sleep apnoea, panic and hyperventilation attacks, as well as teaching in several clinical trials and studies.

After this mammoth effort they have once again based themselves in their hometown of Brisbane and teach the Buteyko breathing exercises there.

The Starks are foundation members of the Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health (BIBH), and both their teaching and training is respected throughout the world. For information about their courses email Jennifer at info@buteykoworks.com.

"What I love most about teaching Buteyko is that it makes people come alive. They not only breathe better but they also have more energy and improved sleep. There is nothing airy-fairy about the Buteyko method: people make improvements simply by following the programme that is designed by the teacher."
Jennifer Stark, Buteyko Practitioner

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