Snoring and OSA

Is snoring ruining your health or your love life?

Snoring has been the brunt of jokes for centuries, but medical research now shows that it's no laughing matter because chronic loud snoring is a precursor to its dangerous cousin, Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA).

OSA is a condition where the airway collapses as the person inhales, blocking airflow. The person continues trying to breathe, but is unable to move air in or out of the lungs. The collapse may last as long as 90 seconds, and only stops when eventually the person momentarily wakes up, gasping noisily before falling asleep again.

Chronic snoring usually occurs for around five years before OSA develops, and both conditions have been linked to dangerous conditions such as stroke, heart disease, diabetes and depression. Treatments for snoring and OSA include the use of mouthguards during sleep; nasal, tongue or throat surgery; or the CPAP machine for sleep apnoea.

Snoring and OSA becomes a problem for the whole family because bed partners are often also sleep deprived, and the sufferer is usually so tired that he or she lacks the desire to take part in every-day activities.

Snoring is the sound of a poor breathing pattern and experts call it Sleep Disordered Breathing, confirming that it is not normal. Your automatic breathing pattern is flexible and can change – which is why you weren't born with chronic loud snoring or with sleep apnoea, but instead it developed over a period of time.

Buteyko Breathing aims to normalize a person's breathing pattern, and while there have been no clinical trials on using Buteyko with OSA or snoring; people usually start seeing beneficial results within 3 – 4 days of starting a course.

The reason that Buteyko is successful is because most people make huge changes to their breathing in the first few days, and then continue to refine and improve it over the next few weeks as they practise the exercise. This results in the Buteyko method restoring sound, restful sleep without the need for surgery, devices or machines.