Buteyko Success

Sleep well and wake refreshed


"Since starting the course a year ago my breathing has improved dramatically and I now have no trouble sleeping."

Conventional therapies such as the use of machines and mouthguards do not change the actual problem of bad breathing. Even if you use a CPAP machine to avoid sleep apnoea for five years, when you stop using it you will still have the problem because these machines only treat the symptoms and not the cause of the problem.

Buteyko Success

"I have had very good results: I am breathing through my nose, which is the first time in many years, also to sleep breathing through nose which is really great. Excellent!"

"I have coughed day and night for over nine years. It was very difficult in my job and I rarely slept all night. In this last week I've slept right through for the last three nights and I've had no attacks at work. I'm convinced this breathing works for me."

Snoring and sleep apnoea are conditions with serious consequences and Russell and Jennifer Stark of Buteyko Works understand that your health problems and lifestyle are unique. The programme is tailored to suit each person and the techniques are taught either one-on-one or in small groups. We expect you to telephone with questions and to attend at least one refresher course entirely at our expense.

Buteyko is not about throwing away medication or machines; instead reductions are done safely as symptoms reduce and in consultation with your doctor when necessary.

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