Stop the Itch

Changing your breathing can stop the itch!

Eczema or dry, itchy skin is irritated by a poor breathing pattern because when you breathe more air than is required, blood vessels draw away from the skin. If you do this for any length of time, the skin becomes less well nourished.

Whenever we exhale, the body loses a tiny bit of water and so breathing excessively over a lengthy period can lead to dehydration, which naturally affects the skin, making it drier and itchier. Apart from the itching, you are likely to notice this problem if you wake up during the night to have drinks of water. Under normal circumstances, people generally don't need to wake up for a drink, any more than they need to wake up to urinate, but instead can generally last the whole night without either of these things happening.

The third reason that breathing too much air can irritate your skin is because it lowers carbon dioxide pressure in the body. This causes extra histamines to be released and histamines create swelling, itching and redness. Everyone knows that the more you scratch, the more you want to scratch, and so this on its own compounds the problem.

The following quotes are from some satisfied Buteyko users:

"After two weeks, I am very pleased with the success I've had so far from applying the Buteyko techniques – my sore, cracked nose has healed, my itchy face and irritability are absent when the exercises are applied. I look forward to continuing to have a successful choice of treatment." Ruth

"One thing I noticed was that the tension on people's faces lessened as the course progressed and women who I thought looked old looked several years younger as the course progressed." Fay

"I used Ventolin at least five times a day before I attended a Buteyko course two years ago. My hay fever and allergies made life hell. I haven't used Ventolin on a regular basis since about one month after the course. My energy, motivation and self-esteem have improved. Buteyko enabled me to exercise and so I lost weight and got fitter and healthier. I have 98% less hay fever and my skin is healthier - I have less eczema." Madeline

"It has really been an excellent experience, encouraging a better understanding of asthma control and ability NOT to depend on drugs. An excellent breakthrough in my eczema/allergic reactions on my face has come about since this course too!" Ali

"My nose was permanently blocked and my skin terribly itchy - my fingers cracked and bled so that I had to wear band aids by day and plastic gloves over ointment by night.
"By day four, my condition had improved as if I had taken a short sharp course of Prednisone (without the health risk). I could smell the grass and my fingers and cheeks feel warm and I have stopped scratching.
"My doctor advised me to see an ear, nose and throat specialist in order to be operated on for correction of an alleged deviation in my nasal septum. However, since I began Buteyko six months ago, I have been able to breathe wonderfully easily through both nostrils. Prior to Buteyko, I had not breathed through my nose for 12 years. For me, Buteyko means breathing easily through the nose with consequent vastly reduced symptoms." Dennis

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