Asthma, do you keep repeating your actions?

Someone told me once that he had been using a blue inhaler and a brown one for the best part of twenty years. He had been told to take both of them at the same time - blue first, then brown - and he always thought that they both did the same thing except that the blue one worked better. He took them twice a day – morning and night, and also in between if his chest felt tight.

His doctor would ask him if the medication was ok, and he said yes because before he was given these medications in the first place, he had horrible asthma, and since taking them it had been a lot more manageable. He never thought anything about it until one day he saw an advertisement for the brown one in a pharmacy and to his huge surprise, he learned that it was a steroid inhaler - he had no idea that he was taking powerful drugs.

If you have had asthma all your life, you might be like this man – you just take it for granted that you are going to have trouble breathing from time to time, and you just keep on doing all the things that you have been doing for years without really thinking about them.
Buteyko at least gives you something to think about. "I learned more about my asthma at the first Buteyko session than I had in my whole life" said one young man. "Buteyko has given me control over my asthma and the ability to come off the medication I have been taking." said another.

Clinical trials of the Buteyko method show that people reduce their bronchodilators by around 90% and their steroids by about 50% and these are results from people who prior to attending a course had no idea what they were going to do. They had not made a decision to spend time each day practising breathing exercises, but had just signed up to a trial of something that they hoped would help them.

People who come along to a free information session and learn some of the ideas and techniques that are taught in a series of Buteyko workshops, very often do even better because they have made a personal commitment to themselves before they sign up: "Two years after finishing a Buteyko course: A 100% decrease in Ventolin, a 50% decrease in Becotide, a 100% increase in general health and well being and I don't even do any exercises currently." Maria

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