Carbon Dioxide Syndrome

Learn to change your breathing for health and well being

The Carbon Dioxide Syndrome
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The authors of The Carbon Dioxide Syndrome, Russell and Jennifer Stark, have used their experience over the past thirteen years in successfully teaching thousands of people with breathing difficulties to overcome their problems with the Buteyko Breathing Techniques, to write this book that is easy to read, well-researched and fully referenced.

This book is the first western book to discuss the syndrome of overbreathing and how it affects the entire body. It provides a detailed, easy to follow introduction to hyperventilation, and how using Buteyko will improve your health. Case studies of people who have successfully used the Buteyko Method to control their asthma, sleep problems, allergies etc. are included, along with stories from Buteyko practitioners.

The Carbon Dioxide Syndrome is a must-read book for anyone with stress-related conditions, such as asthma, allergies, snoring, sleep apnoea, eczema, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, panic attacks and diabetes. The book contains information about how breathing affects these conditions, and tips that are easily implemented to improve them.

The Carbon Dioxide Syndrome
Jennifer and Russell Stark
259 pages

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