Buteyko Home Education

Learn Buteyko via DVD and Book

Buteyko Home Education
55.00 AUD

Using the Buteyko Method can help an asthmatic of any level of severity to gain freedom from their asthma symptoms. Teach yourself the techniques with our help by using the Buteyko Home Education Kit. The video or DVD provides a comprehensive guide to the Buteyko breathing exercises, and works in conjunction with the instruction manual to describe how you can use the Buteyko Method to control your asthma, reduce your medication intake and enjoy a dramatically improved quality of life

The Buteyko DVD not only demonstrates the exercises that will help you to control your asthma; it also clearly explains the physiological processes involved in breathing. The instruction manual describes the physiology of breathing and hyperventilation in more depth and provides you with a programme to follow as well as practical tips on making it easy to fit Buteyko into your lifestyle. The Manual also includes sections on Colds & Flu, Buteyko & Exercise and a Frequently Asked Question section. Children and asthma is dealt with in some depth, including the Buteyko children's exercises.

People who have purchased our home education kit can correspond by email with a trained Buteyko practitioner on matters concerning your health, to receive additional support when it is needed.

The kit comes with a 45-day money back guarantee - return the kit for any reason within 45 days of purchase and we will refund the purchase price.

You write down your results in the workbook so that you can track your progress and email Jennifer and Russell Stark with any problems that you might have. Order the kit via paypal.

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