Learn the Buteyko Method

"After having mild asthma all my life this method of treatment was a Godsend. Right from day one I noticed improvement. I sleep more soundly, feel better, have the power of control over my asthma. The treatment has not only benefited me but also my wife and family who have found me more tolerant, less irritable, a much better person to be with. I just keep asking myself why did I not do this years back."

"I have found a huge improvement in my energy. I really don't seem to have as many aches and pains. I can now get up a flight of stairs without stopping."

"I’m so glad I "took the plunge” and did the course. It is definitely value for money. Better to spend a few hundred dollars and a few minutes per day than put up with a lifetime of inhalers."

You can learn about the Buteyko method either by:

Russell and Jennifer Stark teach the Buteyko breathing techniques in Brisbane, Australia in small groups or one-to-one classes to adults and also to children as young as three. Buteyko is not about throwing away medication or other treatments. Instead reductions are done safely as symptoms reduce and with consultation with your doctor when necessary.

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