A Blocked Nose is No Fun

Do you frequently have a blocked nose?
Hyperventilation makes it harder for nasal-breathing to be easy to do, and so the first exercise any Buteyko teacher will show you is how to unblock your nose the Buteyko way. Follow these instructions to try the Buteyko nose-clearing exercise:

  • Sit in a chair
  • After a gentle exhalation – i.e. do not try to empty your lungs, but simply breathe out in a relaxed way, close your mouth if it is open and pinch your nostrils closed with one hand. Note: at this point, with your nose blocked and your mouth closed, you cannot breathe in or out, but you are totally in control and can release your nose at any time to breathe again, so try not to panic.
  • Being careful that you do not hurt your neck, commence nodding your head until you get an urge to breathe.
  • When you feel the need to breathe, continue to keep your mouth closed, take your hand off your nose and inhale gently and softly through your nose.
  • Unless your nose feels very restricted, continue to keep your mouth closed and breathe lightly in and out through your nose. If the nose feels too restricted to comfortably breathe through, then you may repeat the exercise up to four times in one sitting.

Breathing through your nose is the way nature intended, so make it a priority.