Tips for using Buteyko

You don't see cheetahs breathing through their mouth while chasing antelopes

There are a few Golden Rules that help to make Buteyko work well for you:

  • Be aware of your breathing -  Without being obsessive, try to catch yourself breathing in an abnormal manner for the level of activity you are doing. e.g. don't breathe the way you would when you are running while you are sitting down
  • Pace yourself so that you are comfortable breathing through your nose.  If you look at virtually all healthy animals, you will see that they breathe through their nose even when they are working hard. You don't see cheetahs breathing through their mouth while they are chasing antelopes, even though they might pant a bit to cool down later on, so aim to breathe like a cheetah while you are exercising.
  • Use your medication properly - use short acting bronchodilators when you need them because they do not prevent asthma symptoms. If you need more than 3 puffs of your short acting bronchodilator in a week, then it is recommended that you take a steroid preventer. 
  • If you are using your short acting bronchdilator several times a day, immediately seek medical advice.
  • If you are worried about your own asthma or your child's asthma, then don't sit at home waiting for it to get better, but instead get medical help.
  • Use the Buteyko Method to check your condition so that you remain free of breathing difficulties. Take action sooner rather than later
  • There seems little or no point in doing so much physical exercise that you become out of breathe and stressed. If you need to take a bronchodilator in order to exercise, then it is likely that you are not really well enough to exercise at this point in time. However, our bodies are not designed to sit in a chair all day, and so continue to do physical activity of any kind that is manageable as frequently as you can. As a general rule, the fitter you are, the better your health will be.
  • Try not to stress about nothing because stress of any kind revs up your breathing, and if you are revving it up and going no where, that isn't going to be good for you in the long run.
  • If you have infections, even those that are low-grade, then deal with them because they not only cause stress but also inflammation. Information is coming out all the time about how inflammation is the underlying cause of many health issues.
  • Low carbon dioxide is a common cause of inflammation, and so getting your breathing on the right track again is a step towards good health.