Buteyko Medical Trials

The Proof is in the Buteyko Clinical Studies

Buteyko is not a quick fix solution. There is no silver bullet to ‘cure’ your asthma or allergies, but Buteyko definitely works.

In 1994 the Australian Association of Asthma Foundations sponsored a clinical trial of Buteyko at Mater Hospital in Brisbane. The results were an average 71% reduction in symptoms, 96% reduction in Ventolin-type drugs and a 49% reduction in steroids. The effect asthma has on quality of life also improved in regard to mood, social interaction, and concerns for the future.

In December 2003, the New Zealand Medical Journal published the results of the first clinical trial of the Buteyko Method in New Zealand. The Starks taught the Buteyko techniques in this trial, and even though it was twice as long as the Australian trial, it mirrored the same amazing results. Similar trial results have been found in the UK, Canada and again in Australia, confirming what Buteyko courses have been showing for more than 50 years.

Drug Therapies are Less Effective

Many people take medication for asthma and allergies yet still have symptoms because conventional treatments of asthma and allergies only mask the problem and do not address the cause. Some drugs are so powerful that they effectively suppress the symptoms but the person experiences side effects.

Medical trial results show that heavy doses or long-term use of reliever medication may make asthma and allergies worse!

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