Asthma & Allergies

The Buteyko Method naturally reduces Asthma & Allergy symptoms and medication by 90%

I have been very impressed with the benefit to me with the Buteyko technique. Also the continuous support when I wanted advice. I had been on medication (relievers and preventers) for over 10 years since I was found to have had the disorder. My asthma did not trouble me significantly, and I took the course because I wanted to give up having drug treatment. After two months I was off all medication and tapered off and stopped the exercises a few weeks later.

One thing that really impresses me is that on the infrequent occasions when I feel uncomfortably 'tight' in my chest one double set of exercises gives me adequate relief at once, equal or better than the benefit I got from using drugs in the past. Dr N.J. Prichard

Breathing badly usually affects the respiratory system first, and so many people who have hidden hyperventilation will have increased mucus production or a narrowing in some part of the airway. A blocked or running nose may be your only symptom, or it may deteriorate to hay fever, chronic allergic rhinitis, asthma or obstruction in the throat.


Hyperventilation or over-breathing means breathing more air than your body needs at a particular time. It can be subtle. For instance, breathing through your mouth or upper chest whilst driving a car or watching television can easily increase the intake of air above that of normal.

Not many people pay attention to their breathing and few people with asthma would consider that they are breathing too much air because they often feel breathless. Eating food satisfies hunger, but over-eating creates health issues, and breathing is the same. Breathing the correct amount of air leaves you feeling satisfied, but over-breathing creates problems, and one of these is that while a normal amount of oxygen finds its way into the bloodstream, less of it is delivered to the tissue cells (Bohr effect). Breathing too much air also cools and dries the airways, making them swollen, irritated and extra sensitive to triggers. 

It doesn't matter if you have intrinsic or extrinsic asthma, there is still a hyperventilation component because triggers of all kinds create stress, and stress always causes hyperventilation.

asthma hyperventilation connection flow chart

Buteyko is not an "alternative" treatment where it is a matter of using either a natural remedy or conventional treatments. Instead Buteyko is a complementary treatment, which means that you continue to use as much medication as you need, but as your breathing improves, you need less of it (Studies show an average 90% reduction in bronchodilators and a 50% reduction in steroid medications when participants used the Buteyko method). The end result of this approach is a safe and effective management of your breathing problem.

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