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"Buteyko" is famous throughout the world as a natural asthma treatment and to improve allergies and hay fever. What is less well known is that Buteyko is also successful at reducing problems with sleep, such as snoring, sleep apnoea and insomnia.

The Buteyko method is based on the fact that having a poor breathing pattern upsets good health, good digestion and good sleep, resulting in a wide and varied range of symptoms.

Everyone knows that breathing is the most important requirement for life, yet it frequently goes unnoticed simply because it is so basic. Breathing affects every cell in your body and, like blood pressure, it is easy for breathing to become abnormal without you being aware of it. A chronic increase in breathing is called 'hidden hyperventilation' and it upsets the basic rhythm of life, causing the body to work harder and with less efficiency.

Introduction to the Buteyko Method

You can't bottle Buteyko. It is not a "pill for every ill" approach to managing poor health, but instead the Buteyko Works programme is a wholistic approach that includes the special Buteyko breathing techniques and principles about exercise, nutrition and sleep that Dr. Konstantin Buteyko considered vital to good health. Experienced Buteyko practitioners, Russell and Jennifer Stark, teach people the techniques and principles in Australia so that people can once again breathe normally.

The symptoms of asthma, allergies, blocked nose, insomnia, snoring, sleep apnoea, panic and hyperventilation attacks are improved substantially with the Buteyko Works programme.

Understanding Hyperventilation

Dr. Buteyko considered the 'Disease of Deep Breathing' to be the root cause of many health conditions. The symptoms of poor breathing are similar to those that are caused by other conditions, and so sometimes there is a misdiagnosis, or hyperventilation can aggravate an existing condition. For example, hyperventilation causes airway restriction, which is represented by swelling within the airways, tightened smooth muscles and an increase in mucus production. These symptoms are frequently found in asthma, hay fever, snoring and sleep apnoea. One of two things happens:

  1. Instead of being correctly diagnosed with hidden hyperventilation, the person is misdiagnosed with asthma for example. As a consequence of the misdiagnosis and the frequent use of conventional asthma treatments, breathing worsens and symptoms increase. Or
  2. The person has asthma, but hyperventilation makes it worse.

In either case, restoring a normal breathing pattern will go a long way towards improving the health of this person.

Take the test to see if you have hidden hyperventilation, and contact Russell or Jennifer Stark to see what you can do about it.

  • "After having mild asthma all my life this method of treatment was a Godsend. Right from day one I noticed improvement. I sleep more soundly, feel better, have the power of control over my asth...

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